Saturday, February 14, 2009

In and around Ambury Park, Mangere.
January 2009

Juvenile Pukeko grazes with it's large family on the roadside.

A wonderful surprise to find this Whimbrel amongst all the more regular waders.

Some of the many Lesser Knots and Bar Tailed Godwits.

A juvenile Magpie in the late evening light.
A trip to Tiritirimatangi Island
January 2009

My first proper look at Bellbirds. They are now so much more accessible for visitors to see and photograph.

A thrill for everyone - even the very experienced birders present, were amazed to see these fledgling Moreporks out and about in the middle of this very bright sunny day. You can just see the parent bird obscured behind the tree trunk, to the right of the picture.

Am I correct in thinking this is a juvenile Stitchbird? I would appreciate someone's verification here.

January 2009

Pair greeting at the Gannet colony.

A Yellowhammer surveys its territory from the top of the flax seed head, behind the sand dunes.

January 2009 - Te Puru Park, Beachlands/Maraetai

New Zealand Dotterel, doing his best to distract me from...

Mother and chicks - my first view of the chicks and so close to home. They mostly hang out on the sports field with lots of  our more common birds.

This Caspian Tern was settling itself down after a fierce round of aerial combat with another Tern.

Pair of White Faced Herons preening...

... and scratching the odd flea.

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Zealand Dotterel on nest at Kawakawa Bay, November 2008.

Parent birds were kept so busy at this stage.

Fledgling Starlings taking a peek at the world, in my garden. November 2008.

New Zealand Dotterel in paddock at Kaiaua, October 2008.

Thrush nesting in garden, Paparimu, October 2008.

and preening, Pine Harbour, Beachlands, September 2008.


White Faced Heron hunting...

Male Plover guards the already hatched chick and draws attention away from the nest. 

Spur Winged Plover on nest, [and above] Pine Harbour, Beachlands, September 2008.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Royal Spoonbill feeding at Miranda. August 2008.

Common Sparrows, early experiments with new teleconverter lens. Te Puru Park, Beachlands/Maraetai, August 2008.

Spotted Shags, Kaiaua Coast Rd, June 2008.

Kereru sits atop a Guava tree ready for a feast. Maraetai Beach May 2008.

Blanche the leucistic Oystercatcher, hanging out at Duder's Beach, May 2008.

A young Caspian Tern begging for food from the parent bird. Duder's Beach April 2008.

Can someone tell me if this is a Cook's Petrel? Taken January 2008 in the Hauraki Gulf.
Male NZ Scaup, Lake Rotorua, May 2007.

Young Tui in my garden, May 2007.
White Fronted Terns, Orere Point, January 2007.

Saddleback, beside the track along to Hobb's Beach, Tiritirimatangi, January 2007

Takahe, Tiritirimatangi, January 2007.